Private Client

For nearly 3 decades CFG has worked with some of the most affluent individuals and families across the country.  CFG is qualified to handle the most complex life insurance cases with portfolios exceeding $500,000,000.

Our services include:


Custom Life Insurance Portfolios

CFG designs and implement customized life insurance portfolios to meet our client’s specific needs.  Whether for estate planning, multi-generational wealth transfer, tax-free investing, or a combination of all three, CFG is one of a limited number of firms nationwide that have the experience and resources needed to handle such complex cases.

Our life insurance portfolios are structured to provide:

Competetive Pricing: Since we are an independent broker, we don’t have production requirements with any carrier.  This allows us to select the competitively priced products for our clients.  In addition, as an M Financial Member Firm, we have access to proprietary products that can, in many cases, provide a significant discount relative to “off-the-shelf” products.

Flexibility:  We recognize that goals and objectives change over time.  We design portfolios to maximize flexibility so adjustments can be made as situations evolve.

Stability:  Life insurance is unlike any other investment due to its long time horizon and opportunity for leverage.  Interest rates, equity market returns, and other external factors all influence policy performance.  Our goal is to eliminate surprises and enable clients to take action when needed to maintain a portfolio that continues to meet their objectives.

Life Insurance Reviews

CFG offers consulting engagements to carefully analyze policies and provide in-depth reviews.  CFG provides professional, objective, third-party assessments of existing life insurance policies to help clients, advisors, and trustees evaluate whether the policies align with current objectives.  Our reviews provide valuable analysis regarding ownership, funding, pricing and product design.

Fiduciaries have an obligation to proactively determine whether the assets they manage are prudently invested. With CFG and their team of professionals employ subject matter experts to meet their ongoing responsibilities.

Life Insurance Administration and Servicing

Regardless of the form of engagement, CFG’s commitment to service is unparalleled.  In addition to scheduled performance reporting, clients have immediate access to a highly-trained team of professionals who can answer questions, provide policy information, and guide complex transactions through to completion.  Other firms consider client service a low priority and staff their teams with inexperienced order takers.  CFG’s client service department is a group of thoughtful, qualified individuals who can identify issues before they become problems.  This difference is crucial for sophisticated life insurance transactions.  Insurance companies are not infallible, and CFG’s client service team fills the vital role of monitoring and advocating for our clients.