Sophisticated life insurance solutions are among the last effective income-tax planning strategies remaining for high net worth individuals and businesses.

*10% of taxpayers pay 70% of our nation’s income taxes.

Wealth can take a lifetime to build, and a few lines of tax code to erode without proper planning. Life insurance has long enjoyed unique income tax attributes that can be used to retain, enjoy and transfer wealth without income tax erosion. High net worth individuals and businesses need an experienced partner they can trust to assist with these complex financial products while focusing on obtaining competitive pricing. Cohn Financial Group, LLC (previously CFG Business Solutions) has been the trusted partner of many clients for over 25 years.

*Source: 2019 Tax Year – Tax Foundation/IRS

Life insurance is a flexible financial vehicle with multiple benefits:

  • An investment vehicle with the potential to build value without income tax on investment earnings and with tax-free access to those investments when needed*
  • An income tax-free death benefit—for estate taxes and/or support for beneficiaries
  • Income-tax-free exchanges among products which can improve performance and reduce costs

Although it is called life insurance, some may call it wealth insurance. What we do is help our clients preserve and insure their wealth with insurance and estate planning designed to provide tax-free benefits for today and for the future.

*Withdrawals decrease the cash value and death benefit and could be subject to policy limitations and income tax. Product guarantees including the death benefit are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

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